Actor & Bass-Baritone


Hannibal Lecter in Silence! The Musical
Elric in Beyond the Gates

Merlin pictured above as ELRIC. Now on Netflix & bluray.
Dr. Hill in Re-Animator: The Musical

2011-16: Smith Center (NV), Steve Allen Theater,
Edinburgh Fringe, NYMF, Hayworth, Original Cast Album


Ghastly highlight... the spindly, sonorous Jesse Merlin
shines as a lecherous medical school professor.

Catherine Rampell, New York Times

Jesse Merlin as Dr. Carl Hill, the headless antagonist,
devours any scene he's in.

William Moore, London Evening Standard

Jesse Merlin as President Dodgeson is just a
ring-tailed wonder: Stephen Colbert with
Ray Bolger's limbs and Alfred Drake's baritone.

Robert Verini, Variety Magazine

Comic highlight... executed with dazzling precision...
Merlin - like a magician doing close-up work - offered
a wonderfully transparent tour de force.

Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

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